Bluecoats 2013 - To Look For America

Happy 4th of July! :)

Our Drum Majors finally got tired of our Head Band Director’s shit and quit over the weekend, getting out of band. Tomorrow everyone’s skipping band.

A revolution has begun.

Get ready.

Blue Stars 2013 - Voodoo (I Put A Spell On You)

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 54 - I Spy (x)

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 54 - I Spy (x)


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Stuff Band Kids Say (x)


(x) (x)

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Shit Band Kids Say (x)

okay, so no big deal or anything, but this is mine and for-the-bird’s video. 
also it’s Stuff Band Kids Say but whatever..  

Holy shit, this is my video…like literally starring-alex and I made this…

oh opps! I found it looking up shit band kids say and just assumed that was the title, my apologizes.

I’ll change that, but it may be a little too late….

I would have tagged you guys as the creators, but I didn’t even know your Tumblrs or if you had a tumblr, I’ll add that too though >.<

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